Tempting Hallie Teaser #7 – (It’s All Fun & Games!)

Gonna give you a little snippet of a playful Hallie and Ace on this beautiful Monday morning!

Enjoy! ❤️


“Scale of one to ten, how bad do you hate life right now?” Hallie asked, smiling as she stared at Ace’s fine ass backside. It was making hiking with a headache worth it.
    “Really? I’d think it was more like twenty.”
    He turned his head to the side and called over his shoulder, “I took points off cause you’re nice to look at.”
    She laughed. “You can’t even see me back here.”
    “Yeah, well I’d hate to deprive you of that view you’re so fascinated with.”
    “No idea what you’re talking about.”
    “I can feel you objectifying me back there, baby.”
    “You like when I objectify you.”
    “You damn right I do.”

Tempting Hallie Teaser #6 – (Best Friends)

We’re taking a little detour from Ace & Hallie this week… because every Hallie needs an Olivia! So here’s to best friends! ❤️

Hallie’s phone rang and she picked up immediately. “Hey, what’s going on?” she answered.
    “Are you dressed?” Olivia, her best friend, asked.
    Hallie glanced down at her sweats. “Yep.”
    “For going out in public?”
    “I don’t mean down to the corner store for midnight snacks.”
    Hallie glanced down again. “Yeah, that’ll be a no.”
    “Exactly. Put on something nice. A dress or something.”
    Hallie scowled. “Why?”
    “I’m coming to get you.”
    “For what?”
    “We’re going out.”
    “Out?” Hallie checked the time. “Out where? It’s nine-thirty already.”
    She heard Olivia’s exasperated sigh come through the phone. “Do you hear yourself?”
    “Loud and clear.”
    “Get dressed.”
    “But I’m not finished with my popcorn.”
    “Well finish it real fast then put on something fancy.”
    “How fancy?”
    “I told you already. A dress or something.”
    “Or something leaves a lot of options.”
    Olivia laughed, and Hallie heard a car horn in the background. “No jeans. No tees. No comfy shorts. No sports bras. No work boots. Absolutely no sweats.”
    “That doesn’t leave much, does it?” Hallie muttered, waving bye to Clara Belle and heading to her apartment above the garage.
    “It leaves plenty. You have nice clothes. Put them on. Oh, and wear sexy panties.”
    Hallie stopped, pulling up short just before reaching her front door. “What do you mean wear sexy panties? For what?”
    “Do I have to explain everything?”
    Hallie walked into her apartment. “No, but you definitely have to explain the panties.”
    “We’re going out to meet men.”
    “What men?”
    Olivia’s heavy sigh came through the phone again. “Whatever hot men we meet, and we’re doing it in sexy panties. Now come on, Grandma. Get dressed.”
    “Did you just call me grandma?”
    “Did you just imply it was too late to go out at nine-thirty on a Friday night?”
    “I’m sure I did no such thing,” Hallie said, knowing full well she had.
    “Whatever. Change the sweats. I’ll be there in fifteen.”
    “Bold of you to assume I’m wearing sweatpants.”
    “Are you wearing sweatpants?”
    “Change. Now. Fifteen minutes!”

Tempting Hallie Teaser #5 – (A Protective Ace)

“Hallie, honey.” Natalie’s voice filtered in, penetrating her thoughts. Hallie turned and gave Natalie a wide smile. “What’d you think of Jack?”
    “He’s seems nice, Nat, but I don’t really think–”
    “Before you make up your mind, let’s have dinner. You and Jack. Me and your dad. It’ll be fun.”
    Hallie’s eyes widened. That’s what Natalie called fun?
    “He’s not really my type,” Hallie said.
    “But you’ve barely spoken to him.” Natalie smiled, her eyes crinkling at the corners. “When I met your dad, dating him didn’t even cross my mind at first. But after I got to know him… well…” Natalie laughed and turned her hands up. “Here we are, getting married soon.”
    “And that’s great,” Hallie said. “I’m happy for you, but—”
    “Just give it a shot, honey. Maybe he could make you happy—”
    “The hell, woman?” Ace growled, interrupting Natalie. “She said no. Drop it.”
    Hallie turned wide eyes on Ace, Natalie did the same… and Olivia grinned like a Cheshire cat.
    Ace had both arms—those damned arms again—crossed over his chest, an angry, hard gleam in his eyes. He looked ready to snap a person in half. That person being Natalie.
    Natalie cleared her throat, looking flustered. “I don’t have any idea who you are, but this doesn’t concern you. You’re here to tend bar, not get in the business of customers.”
    Hallie’s eyes widened further, and she’d not thought that possible. Uh Oh.
    Ace smiled. But it was a lethal smile, one that did not bode well for Natalie.
    He, once again, rested his arms on the bar and leaned onto it, that same hard glint in his eyes. He didn’t even look at Hallie. “Every damn customer in this bar is my business, and it’ll be the day that someone walks in and tells me what the fuck to do here.” Natalie’s gaze grew stormy. That didn’t stop Ace, though. “Now you can go back to your table, finish your drink, whatever you want to do… but you’re damn sure going to leave Hallie the fuck alone. You got me?”
    Hallie glanced at Olivia, who sent her a wide-eyed look of disbelief. Yeah, Hallie thought, whoa.
    “Ace, that’s not necessary—”
    “Hallie,” he warned, his voice a low growl.
    She didn’t know what to do. Part of her wanted to help Natalie out. The other part of her, though, loved having Ace come to her defense.
    But she was a grown woman, and she could defend herself.
    “Ace,” she whispered, waiting until his unforgiving gaze held hers. “It’s alright.”
    “None of this is alright,” Natalie snapped, arms crossed. “In fact, I’d like to speak to your manager.”
    “Yeah?” Ace said, lifting an arrogant brow. “Well, let me see if I can get Julian for you.”
    Hallie shook her head and fought a smile, one that was entirely inappropriate given the volatile situation she was smack in the middle of. “Stop it.” She turned back to Natalie. “Ace owns the place. This is his bar.”
    Natalie’s back went ramrod straight. “Well, then, I certainly won’t be frequenting it anymore.”
    “What a shame,” Ace drawled sarcastically.


Seriously, protective Ace is my favorite Ace. Ya love to see it. Okay, the softer, walls-down Ace has a special place in my heart, too, but ya don’t see that as often, and I can’t tell a lie… Protective Ace is totally my fave. ❤️

Keep an eye out for more teasers from Tempting Hallie! Release date coming soon!

Tempting Hallie Teaser #4 – (An Eavesdropping Ace)

From where Ace stood, he could hear Chris and Hallie talking.
    “You going?” Chris asked.
    “Yeah. Are you?”
    “I’ll be there.” Chris hesitated. “You don’t think Natalie is going to do weird crap, do you? That pink flamingo t-shirt shit was horrifying.”
    Hallie laughed. “No. Doubt it. And her kids will be with their dad this weekend.”
    “Ah, well there’s a silver lining.”
    Hallie sighed. “Are we horrible people?”
    Chris laughed. “Because we don’t get overly-involved in their lives? No. We know what they don’t.”
    “Yeah, give it a couple years…”
    “Exactly. We’ll likely never see them again.”
    “What if she’s the one that sticks?” Hallie asked.
    “Then we get more involved. No need to do that now.”
    Their family dynamic was a weird one, and Ace knew Natalie was just another soon-to-be stepmom in the long line of stepmoms they’d had. It was a small town. Most people knew all about it. But Ace couldn’t pass judgment on strange family dynamics. He’d had his own.
    “Listen, Hal… Anna met a guy—”
    “Oooo, don’t tell me you’re not enough man for her these days,” Hallie said, laughing.
    “Ha. Ha,” Chris deadpanned. “No, she thinks that maybe you and he would hit it off and—”
    Hallie groaned. “Oh, no. Absolutely not. You’re not match-making for me.”
    “Ya never know, Hal. You might like him.”
    She laughed. “Yeah. What’s he like?”
    “Well, he’s a lawyer—”
    “Strike one.”
    Chris laughed. “What’s wrong with a lawyer?”
    “I don’t want one.”
    “They make good money.”
    “I make good money. Try again.”
    Chris laughed harder, and Ace found himself smiling. Atta girl.
    “Well, Anna said he’s blonde, blue-eyed, and gorgeous. Whatever the hell that means,” Chris muttered.
    Hallie laughed. “Jelly, are you?”   
    “Strike two.”
    “You kidding me?” Chris sounded taken aback. “Isn’t that like… everything women dream of?”
    “Not this one.”
    Just what do you dream of, Hallie?
    He sighed, exasperated. “Alright, well, apparently he doesn’t drink, he’s never been married, he’s thirty-one, and he just moved here.”
    “Strikes three, four, five, and six.”
    Ace nearly laughed out loud.
    A pause, and then, “You kidding me?”
    “Any tattoos?”
    Ace thought he heard Chris growl. “Hallie, I told you… stay the hell away from Ace.”

Tempting Hallie Teaser #3 – (A Family Affair)

So this week’s teaser is a little different. I’m giving you a whole family affair. — Before I do, though, I’m dropping a cast of characters for you, just so you’ll know who is who.

·               Hallie — Our Female MC

·               Ace — Our Male MC

·               Gregory — Hallie’s older brother

·               Chris — Hallie’s older brother

·               Mia — Hallie’s stepsister

·               Anna — Chris’s girlfriend

·               Evan — Hallie’s six-year-old nephew; Mia’s son

·               James — Hallie’s stepdad

·               And Hallie’s mom — But she’s only referred to as Hallie’s mom here.

*They’re having some random, off-the-wall conversation about whose job wields the most power in society. (Just so you don’t go in totally confused! 😉 )

“What say you, Hallie?” Gregory called. “What you got?”
    She shrugged. “I build houses.”
    “Uh-huh,” Chris said. “Right.”
    “I don’t know what you want me to say,” Hallie said, casual disinterest written all over her face. “I work in construction. I’m just a regular person. No special powers.”
    Ace laughed, and Hallie turned to look at him. “What?”
    He grinned. Lethal and devastating, it was. The kind of smile that makes a grown woman pathetically weak in the knees. — She was glad she was sitting down.
    “You might as well just say it,” he said.
    She fought a grin. “I have nothing to say.”
    “To be fair,” Ace said, “Even you aren’t going to beat me out, but for clarity’s sake, you should just say it.”
    And Hallie loved in that moment that he was willing to play along with the ridiculousness that she and her family were engaging in. He was settled in, comfortable. And she appreciated that more than he would probably ever know.
    Hallie grinned, her smile megawatt. “Yes, we all know the man who serves the public their alcohol is always going to come out on top, even before coffee.” She winked at Mia. “Sorry.”
    Mia laughed. “Fair, Hallie. Fair.”
    “And I’ll give you,” she continued. “That in a world full of people I wield little to no power at all. But in this room?”
    He grinned. “Careful, Hallie baby.”
    Her eyes twinkled and sparks shot off her.
    “And here it comes…” said Gregory down the table.
    “Yep…” This from Chris.
    “I wield it like a magic wand,” she said.
    Chris laughed. “It’s sad how true it is.”
    Anna piped up then. “Maneuvers you boys around like chess pieces, she does.”
    “Shut up, baby,” Chris said. “We know. You ain’t gotta rub it in like that.”
    “It’s a little embarrassing, honestly,” Anna replied.
    “Baby…” Chris shot her an exasperated look. “What’d I say?”
    “Oh, you said something?”
    “Think you’re cute, huh?”
    “Adorable, even.”
    Chris shook his head and muttered, “I’m done with you. Leave me alone.”
    Anna laughed, but she didn’t reply. Instead, Ace piped back up.
    “I don’t know…” he trailed, a playfulness in his eyes Hallie didn’t think she’d ever seen before. “Seems like that may be overstating it a bit, don’t you think?”
    Gregory laughed. “Oh, boy.”
    Chris whistled. “Man’s insane.”
    Her eyes lit up. “You’re here, aren’t you?” His lips twitched. “Even served Chris his cake.”
    She heard Chris laugh but kept her eyes on Ace. “It was ugly. Chick who cut it didn’t know what she was doing. That’s why I gave it to him.”
    Hallie laughed at the reminder of the cake she’d practically mutilated earlier. “Just admit you’re here because I have masterful powers of persuasion.”
    Ace arched a brow. “You really want to talk about that in front of your family?” he said, innuendo heavy in his tone.
    Hallie flushed, her cheeks turning scarlet. She couldn’t believe he’d taken that simple little statement and turned it dirty. It was a power play; she knew one when she saw one. She was kind of in awe of his tactics.
    “Oh, boy,” James said, covering his ears. “I do not need to hear this.”
    “That makes two of us,” Chris said, groaning.
    But Hallie’s mom, she smiled. “And that,” she put in, “is why every woman at this table wields more power than the men.”
    Now Gregory was making faces and looking like he wanted to bolt. “Oh, sweet… good night, hell no.” It was all fun and games when it was his sister’s sex life, but not his mom’s.
    Ace laughed. “I don’t know what they’re talking about. I was just talking about how you torture me with dumba—” He glanced at Evan and then said, “stupid tv shows.”
    Hallie threw her head back and laughed. “You’re such a liar. Nobody here believes that’s what you meant.”
    “Liar?” he scoffed. “You made me watch I Love Lucy last night, until I was willing to agree to anything.”
    Gregory laughed. “Isn’t it terrible? Anytime I stay with her when I visit, she puts that crap on. We legit fight over the remote control like a couple of stubborn kids.”
    “Like a couple of stubborn kids?” Hallie’s mom parroted. “You are a couple of stubborn kids.”
    Ace and Gregory volleyed back and forth.
    “Right?” said Ace. “And the horror that is The Waltons.”
    “Andy Griffith, man. If I never have to see Gomer Pile again, I’d be a happy man.”
    “Aunt Bee.”
    “Dude. Opie. What kid is even like that sitcom kid?”
    Ace shuddered. “Let’s not get started on Fife.”
    Hallie drew the line at insults to Barney Fife, so she jumped back in the ring. “How dare you? How dare you both? Neither one of you would know good television if it bit you in the butt.”
    “Hey, at least Hallie’s only making y’all watch tv,” Chris threw in. “I have to listen to Anna drone on and on about historical romance novels practically twenty-four seven. If I have to hear one more time about how some sexy, square-jawed devil of a Duke ravished some pitifully poor, country bumpkin governess, I’m going to lose my mind.”
    “Hey!” Anna shouted in defense of herself.
    Ace’s face was a mask of horror, and he scooted his chair closer to Hallie, like she could somehow protect him from Anna’s books.
    Laughter bubbled past her lips. “What are you doing?”
    “I don’t know,” he said. “I got a little scared there for a minute.”
    “Right?” Chris said. “I mean, I’m tempted to scoot my chair away too.”
    “You should. That’s terrible,” came Ace’s reply.

If y’all want to spend more time with Ace, Hallie, and her family… keep an out eye here for Tempting Hallie’s release date. It’s coming soon!

Tempting Hallie Teaser #2 – (But What About You?)

One quick thing…

This conversation takes place at a recreation department ball field during a little league game. Ace is helping coach one of the teams. Hallie’s brother is a coach on the competing team. And they do not get along.

As for this week’s teaser… it’s a short one… but here ya go…

“Your brother looks pissed off,” Ace said twenty minutes later, standing next to her along the fence line near third base.
    “He thinks you’re interested in a little vengeful seduction.”
    Ace’s brows shot up. “He what now?”
    She tossed him a cheeky grin. “Yeah. He thinks you’re trying to get in my pants. Or rather… get them off.”
    “Why the hell would he think that?”
    The way he said it stung; she’d be lying if she said it didn’t, but it went to her point that he wouldn’t be interested.
    “Because he wouldn’t like it, and you would like that he wouldn’t like it.”
    After a minute, Ace said, “But would you like it?”

… 😉

Stay tuned! More Ace and Hallie coming at you next Monday! ❤️

Tempting Hallie Teaser #1 – (Camping Surprise!)

In this teaser, Hallie, her best friend, both of her brothers, and her brother’s girlfriend are starting out on an overnight camping trip. — Ace was not invited. (Well, he was, but not to anyone’s knowledge, save one of them.) Surprise, surprise!

“What the hell is he doing here?” Chris bit out, his accusing gaze landing on Hallie, ruffling every single one of her feathers. She didn’t know. She was as in the dark as he was.
    She glanced back at Ace, who just as casually and confidently as she’d ever seen, got out of his truck, reached into the back, pulled out a hiking backpack, and made his way over. He was wearing mirrored sunglasses, black Adidas track pants, a white tee—with those delicious tats swirling down his arm—charcoal grey and blood red tennis shoes, and his hair was ruffled up like he’d run his hands through it. And holy hell did he look like a tall drink of water on a scorching hot day, and Hallie knew without a doubt she looked like a woman starved for water.
    Hallie’s feet, of their own volition, carried her over to where Gregory stood, just as Ace stopped in front of her. He was looking down at her, and she was looking up at him, but she couldn’t see his eyes. Just as she was thinking what a shame that was, he pushed his sunglasses up onto his head and his dark gaze collided with hers. It nearly took her breath away. The casual, lazy way he looked at her and the ghost of a grin that hovered on his lips made her want to rip all his clothes off and jump on top of him. As if he could read those very thoughts in her head, one corner of his mouth tipped up, and he winked.
    Hallie was almost positive her breath was coming in short, but given her jacked up sinuses, she was blaming it on that. It had nothing to do with Ace. Nothing at all. Absolutely nothing. Had absolutely nothing to do with the memory of this gorgeous man licking and nibbling fruit off her naked body the other night. Nope. Nothing to do with that.

I’m not sure I believe Hallie. I’m thinking it had a lot to do with it… 😘

Teasers Incoming!

Prepare yourselves!

No, really. Prepare yourselves.

… Are you prepared?

I’m going to assume that you took my advice and are now adequately prepared.

Not sure you know what you’ve prepared yourself for… but I’m about to tell you.


You should be.

Okay, here goes…


That’s right… you’re about to get bombarded with teasers from my upcoming novel, Tempting Hallie! It’s a couple of months out from publication, and once a week I’ll be dropping little snippets right here for your romance reading pleasure! (I think they call this marketing, but I like to call it early Christmas. Because who doesn’t love the gift of teasers?) — Okay, I, personally, don’t, because I’m hella impatient. I’m sure you’re not, though. I bet you love teasers. So I’m going to give them to you. Right here. Every week. Specifically, every Monday, so you can start your week out right. (It occurs to me that I just lied. Upon further inflection, it is clear I like teasers. I’ve watched every Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power teaser trailer like a wacko fanatic the last couple of months, so clearly I’m a liar, and I love teasers.) Hence my point, who doesn’t love teasers?! — No one. So I’m giving them to you. Every week. Like clockwork. Starting next Monday. September 12th.

So get ready to spend some time with Ace and Hallie!

I’ll see y’all next Monday!

Update On All Things Books!

I have not written a blog post for this site since I revamped the entire thing several months back, so I figured the best way to start out again was to give you all the updates and insider info. — Imma try to make this short and sweet.

I have four published romance novels out at this time. Fighting For Annaleigh, Chasing Charley, Loving Lynsey, and Enchanting Ella. They are part of my Sweetgum Valley romance novel series and can be found on Amazon. (Ebook, paperback, and Kindle Unlimited subscription) While each book shares the same world and characters cross over, they are stand-alone reads and can be read in any order.

I am currently editing the manuscript for the fifth book in this series, Tempting Hallie, which will be published in the coming months. Alongside that, I am currently writing the sixth book, Dazzling Jane. — I was hoping to get Jane out late this year, but I’m thinking it may be an early 2023 release. — We will see what happens.

There are, at this time, sixteen books in this series. That may change as I meet new characters along the way. Sometimes I put them on the page, and they speak to me, demanding I tell their stories, so that number is not set in stone. (I won’t list all those forthcoming titles here, but if you check out my Sweetgum Valley Series page on my website, they’re all listed there. If you’ve been keeping up with the series, and you’re curious about which characters are getting books, you can check that out.)

I think that’s it. Following this series, I’ll dive into another one. I don’t yet know if that’ll be my hockey romance series or my billionaire brothers, but it’ll be one of the two. Those won’t be out for several more years, though, so that’s a more far off look into the future.

And I think that’ll wrap things up here. I’m about to start dropping teasers for the upcoming releases, so keep an eye out for that.

Y’all take care, and as always, happy reading!