Teasers Incoming!

Prepare yourselves!

No, really. Prepare yourselves.

… Are you prepared?

I’m going to assume that you took my advice and are now adequately prepared.

Not sure you know what you’ve prepared yourself for… but I’m about to tell you.


You should be.

Okay, here goes…


That’s right… you’re about to get bombarded with teasers from my upcoming novel, Tempting Hallie! It’s a couple of months out from publication, and once a week I’ll be dropping little snippets right here for your romance reading pleasure! (I think they call this marketing, but I like to call it early Christmas. Because who doesn’t love the gift of teasers?) — Okay, I, personally, don’t, because I’m hella impatient. I’m sure you’re not, though. I bet you love teasers. So I’m going to give them to you. Right here. Every week. Specifically, every Monday, so you can start your week out right. (It occurs to me that I just lied. Upon further inflection, it is clear I like teasers. I’ve watched every Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power teaser trailer like a wacko fanatic the last couple of months, so clearly I’m a liar, and I love teasers.) Hence my point, who doesn’t love teasers?! — No one. So I’m giving them to you. Every week. Like clockwork. Starting next Monday. September 12th.

So get ready to spend some time with Ace and Hallie!

I’ll see y’all next Monday!

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