Update On All Things Books!

I have not written a blog post for this site since I revamped the entire thing several months back, so I figured the best way to start out again was to give you all the updates and insider info. — Imma try to make this short and sweet.

I have four published romance novels out at this time. Fighting For Annaleigh, Chasing Charley, Loving Lynsey, and Enchanting Ella. They are part of my Sweetgum Valley romance novel series and can be found on Amazon. (Ebook, paperback, and Kindle Unlimited subscription) While each book shares the same world and characters cross over, they are stand-alone reads and can be read in any order.

I am currently editing the manuscript for the fifth book in this series, Tempting Hallie, which will be published in the coming months. Alongside that, I am currently writing the sixth book, Dazzling Jane. — I was hoping to get Jane out late this year, but I’m thinking it may be an early 2023 release. — We will see what happens.

There are, at this time, sixteen books in this series. That may change as I meet new characters along the way. Sometimes I put them on the page, and they speak to me, demanding I tell their stories, so that number is not set in stone. (I won’t list all those forthcoming titles here, but if you check out my Sweetgum Valley Series page on my website, they’re all listed there. If you’ve been keeping up with the series, and you’re curious about which characters are getting books, you can check that out.)

I think that’s it. Following this series, I’ll dive into another one. I don’t yet know if that’ll be my hockey romance series or my billionaire brothers, but it’ll be one of the two. Those won’t be out for several more years, though, so that’s a more far off look into the future.

And I think that’ll wrap things up here. I’m about to start dropping teasers for the upcoming releases, so keep an eye out for that.

Y’all take care, and as always, happy reading!


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