Tempting Hallie Teaser #2 – (But What About You?)

One quick thing…

This conversation takes place at a recreation department ball field during a little league game. Ace is helping coach one of the teams. Hallie’s brother is a coach on the competing team. And they do not get along.

As for this week’s teaser… it’s a short one… but here ya go…

“Your brother looks pissed off,” Ace said twenty minutes later, standing next to her along the fence line near third base.
    “He thinks you’re interested in a little vengeful seduction.”
    Ace’s brows shot up. “He what now?”
    She tossed him a cheeky grin. “Yeah. He thinks you’re trying to get in my pants. Or rather… get them off.”
    “Why the hell would he think that?”
    The way he said it stung; she’d be lying if she said it didn’t, but it went to her point that he wouldn’t be interested.
    “Because he wouldn’t like it, and you would like that he wouldn’t like it.”
    After a minute, Ace said, “But would you like it?”

… 😉

Stay tuned! More Ace and Hallie coming at you next Monday! ❤️

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