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Dog Adventures

I almost lost an arm today. Sort of.. at least it felt like that’s what was about to happen.

I took my lovely 90lb Labrador Retriever, Pepper, for a walk & she nearly ripped my arm off in pursuit of playtime with a neighbor’s very tiny dog. (Playtime with this particular doggy friend means playing “tag, you’re it!” They chase each other around, try to catch each other, run away, and then do it all over again. (Which is actually quite entertaining sometimes considering one is a giant & the other is barely the size of a rabbit.) — Only it’s not so much fun when the giant is blatantly ignoring you & dragging you around with her, lol.

I love my dog. She’s the closest thing we have to children at this point in our lives. She drives me absolutely crazy sometimes… but she’s such a little darling. (Okay, so I may be a wee bit in denial… she’s spoiled rotten & she knows it. Lol… but she’s still our little sweetheart. — If you don’t have a dog… you should consider it. — They’re amazing! 🙂 –(Lol, Please disregard my first sentence if you feel it conflicts with my last statement, Haha! 🙂

Oh, the adventures of a dog owner! 🙂


Randoms From My Day…

1.) I’m pretty sure our dog killed a mole. By complete accident, I’m sure.  She’s a giant 90lb labrador that thinks she’s a 10lb puppy. — She likes to pounce on things all in the name of fun & doesn’t realize they may not be having as much fun as she is, lol. I can’t tell you how many of those big moths have died on our back porch by being there at just the wrong time, playtime.  Lol, there is a good chance that little mole might have actually died of fright… from what it thought was an act of terror. — Lol, love our Pepper tho!

2.)  I was lazy & rather than cook tonight… ordered pizza!  Yumm!! — Pepperoni & grilled chicken with extra cheese… Again I say, Yumm!! :))

3.) I was supposed to clean the living room up a bit… …… ….. I did not. — Shame on me, I know.

4.) But while I wasn’t cleaning 🙂 … I finally made it to the episode of The Good Wife where Will Gardner dies… ( Sorry if that was a spoiler to some, I may not be the only one who is playing catch up on Netflix, so sorry!) Anyhow, as I expected, It. Was. Sad. — But you know a show is pretty good when you feel their loss through your tv, Lol.

5.) I’m going to read a book now, which you all know I love to do! It’s been waiting on me to open it up since last week & I’m about to get my read on!

Happiness is all about being happy with what you have.  This is the life I have.  Days like today are the norm… & this life, as simple as it may be, makes me happy!  🙂

-Heather! 🙂