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A Beautiful Night… :)

Some people love sunrises, some love sunsets, but I find that I care for neither of those things. No, what I love is the night sky.

Is there anything more beautiful than a crisp, clear, black night? A star painted sky? The dusty trail of the Milky Way’s light? Is there anything more beautiful than looking up & seeing the proof that there is always light to be found in the darkness?

Maybe. I think that’s up for interpretation based off every one’s individual preferences, but for me, nothing rivals it.

I find that when I gaze up at the night sky and I take it all in, I can’t fathom how one does so without seeing it for what it is.

Because it’s a beautiful, masterful creation. It’s some of the best artwork to ever be put on display. I can’t look up and see that and think for even a moment that it was born by chance. — No, it’s in those moments I see just how big my God is. 🙂


Heather Marie.



Not Today…

It’s days like today that I can’t, even for a moment, begin to feel sorry for myself. Any other day I can find tons of reasons to complain about something I don’t like in my life. — Not today. —

Today I saw the news story of a man, a pilot, being locked into a cage & burned alive. That makes me sick, sad, and angry. It also makes me stop to think about how good my life really is. It makes me grateful. I have a wonderful husband, family, & friends. I have a roof over my head every night, food in our home, good health, transportation, we lack for nothing… Yet I can still find tons of things to complain about every single day. — But not today. —

All too often I forget the reality of the evil that is lurking out in the world. I forget that there are people imprisoned, tortured, beaten, and slaughtered all the time. I forget all about it.  — But not today. —

Today I remember. Today I was reminded. It wasn’t fair to that man to be murdered at all, much less in such a cruel way. Eventually the world is going to forget about that story. It’s going to become old news just like all the rest. It’s going to get lost in all of the new stories. — But not today. —

Today people are talking about it. Today people are angry & upset. Today people are thanking God for all the blessings in their lives and praying for the world.

I just hope that we don’t all forget by tomorrow… because the moment we do, no matter when it is, it will be too soon.


This Is To Thank You.

So last week I got to thinking that I would try to write a new blog post every day. Usually it’s about once a week, sometimes twice. So this post is a little update & a Thank you.


Am I happy? Yes. — How’s my book coming along? Good, I haven’t worked on it at all today.. but I’ve accomplished a lot with it this week. 🙂  — What am I doing? Lounging around scrolling through WordPress and reading other people’s posts.(They’re good btw. 🙂  — How was my day? Great! How was yours? — What am I doing this weekend? Going to a wedding shower on Saturday & the movies on Sunday. — And I am feeling very, very lazy right now,. 🙂


So now I’m going to write y’all a little thank you letter! — So here goes… 

Thank-You! I started this blog, and in doing so, I did something that was very scary for me. I had to step out on a ledge, so to speak, and trust that I would not fall. I had to write, I had to share, and I had to trust. — It was easier for me to share with strangers, transitioning over to people that knew me was a lot harder, but I did eventually share this with everyone.–

I say thanks because when I took a leap of faith, you guys helped to strengthen it. 🙂 

If you’ve read this blog, if you’ve liked it, followed it, or kept up with it… then you have done a very big thing for me. You have made a difference. You’ve lent a helping hand even if you didn’t realize it. Even if you read it and thought, my goodness, I don’t like this… that’s cool too. You still read it and that still means something to me. 🙂 

I appreciate all of you. I appreciate that you spent your time with something I wrote and crafted with the one talent I hold dear to my heart. 

So just know that when you read anything I write here on this blog or in any of my other work in the future… it is very much appreciated. Even if I don’t know you personally, if I never know that you read it…. I still thank you. I thank you and I want you to know that it means so very much to me. So once again, Thank – You! 🙂  








Random Update

I didn’t have a good day, nor was my night any better. However I sat down and worked on my book anyhow. I must say, I didn’t just work on it, I kicked butt! 🙂 In fact, I accomplished more tonight than I have in the last few weeks. Sometimes you just have to say I’m doing this, I’m doing it right now, and nothing is getting in the way.

I wrote and wrote. page after page. No road blocks. Not the first, “I have no idea what to write here.” My story just took off and I went along for the ride with it! 🙂

It felt good. It felt really good. The reason I love what I do is because of times like tonight. Because I genuinely love it. There’s nothing I love more than loving what I do. Lol, look I’ve used all my words up that this is now the best I can do.. 🙂

— Also, I want to learn a second language. Random, I know. It’s just the other night I was thinking about it and decided it was something I want to take seriously. I know some Spanish. I learned the basics years ago as an extracurricular in school, but at the time I didn’t really appreciate what was being offered to me, ya know? I think we all do that sometimes. However, I think Ima pick it back up and really learn some Spanish. 🙂 Y’all just wait, I’m going to try it out on you guys, lol.

Oh, and I’ve never been to a drive-in movie… which by the way I am going to rectify very soon. (It’s the little things in life that excite me the most.. )

So a bad day and a bad night have just turned into something much better. I hope the same for all of you guys! (Not the bad stuff, just the good.. 🙂


This Is Who I Am

Communication. It’s a beautiful thing when done correctly. — This post has nothing to do with my book tonight. I’m a writer. I like to write fiction; I find it fun & entertaining. That being said and all, it’s not what makes me a writer. — That comes from within, that comes from the heart.

Writing can be so much a part of someone that they can’t ever really be separated from it. I’ve written poems, I’ve written what I like to call “confessionals” (basically I’d just sit down at the end of the day & write whatever came to mind, it’s fun stuff, you learn a lot about yourself.) I’ve written letters when I couldn’t find the write words to communicate with someone. I practically write a book in my Christmas cards every year (I threw that one in for fun, but really, it’s true.) I’ve written blog posts. 🙂 I’ve written a book review here or there..(those aren’t my favorite, but I like to share my thoughts with others.) In college, I could choose any way I wanted to do a project… I’d write a paper, of course. I’ve written for no reason at all, literally just randomness on paper. — Writers aren’t writers simply because they just up and decided it’s what they would do. No, they write because it’s who they are.

This blog is supposed to be about my journey from writing to publishing, and everything in between. A person’s journey doesn’t just consist solely of point A and point B. Everything in between shapes a person and that makes a difference in the end. So when I feel like escaping for a little while, chances are probably high that this is where I’ll go.. to the place where I write.

I’m a very passionate person and I feel very strongly about everything in life. So as I continue to share a little piece of myself with everyone through this blog, you’re going to start seeing who I am. I’m as shy as they come, most likely, too shy. However, if you put pen and paper in front of me, or a keyboard… you may start to wonder, “who is this?” and “where did Heather go?” — I’m always here, I’m always the same… but when I write, it’s when I shine. It’s where I feel like I’m at home. It’s when I feel like myself.

In the beginning of this post I mentioned something about communication. — You may very well be thinking that I’ve lost my mind, seeing as how nothing I’ve said since then has been about that. I haven’t, I promise. — The thing is, communication is very important and writing is my way of communicating. It’s my way of living, of happiness, and of being. It’s all I know. — God gave us all something to be good at. He blessed us with some sort of talent, with a way to share His love with the world. — This is my way. This is my talent. I can feel it. I will write to the very end of my days and I will never stop thanking God for making me a writer.

If I don’t communicate my way I turn everything into a giant mess. 🙂 If I don’t keep going down this road I’ll be giving up the heart of who I am… and what’s life all about anymore when your heart’s not in it? — I was told I couldn’t make it in the writing world long before I’d even started trying… and I gave up. I quit because I feared defeat… and yet, that fear is what left me defeated. Isn’t that cute? Being afraid to fail is what lead to my failure.

Well not anymore. I refuse to fail and I refuse to give up. This little lady has a lot of writing to do. Which means you guys have a lot of reading to do! 🙂


My Support.

Sometimes I sit around and wonder what road I’d be on in life right now if I hadn’t made certain decisions. We make choices in life that become our defining moments. The best decision I ever made was choosing Jesus Christ to be my Lord & Savior. The next best decision I made was marrying my husband, Jeremy. — Both of these decisions have played a crucial role in my writing. Or better yet, in my decision to write for a living. Of all the support I have, this is the support that gets me through the tough times. This is the support that cheers me on when I need it the most. This is the support that I cling to when I feel defeated. — The support from God & my husband; the support that means everything to me.

My husband has been my rock since the very beginning. I was terrified when I told him I wanted to write. I thought he’d look at me like I was being unrealistic.. but he didn’t, and to this day he hasn’t. He asks me everyday how the book is coming along. He asks me how he can help. He tells me he believes in me, and while I’m afraid to tell others that I’m writing, He tells everyone. He doesn’t just mention it in passing, he says it like he couldn’t be prouder. — That is what’s going to push me to the finish line.

If it weren’t for him and his unwavering support, I wouldn’t be sitting here typing this right now. He boosted my confidence when no one else did. — He pushed me to write. He told me to forget about what other people thought and to always remember that he has faith in me. — Thank God for that faith, because I’d be lost without it.

He’s not alone in supporting me. I have a few others that encourage me, and I’m as equally thankful for them as I am for him. Even Pepper(our giant black labrador, a.k.a. my sweet little baby.) supports me… at least, I’m pretty sure if she could talk she’d tell me so. 🙂

Part of the reason I started this blog was to find a community of people who enjoy & believe in writing as much as I do. There’s a peace of mind that goes with knowing you have support, or if nothing else, understanding. — Support is one of the greatest gifts that someone can give.. and it’s also one of the simplest. I am so very thankful for all of the encouragement I have, and will continue, to receive.

A little bit of support may not seem like a lot. However, it has left me with characters, a plot, a beginning, a middle, an end, a first chapter, a couple of plot twists, a lot of notes, back story, and future ideas. For something that takes very little to give, it sure has given me a lot. 🙂