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A Few Dislikes & A Little Subtlety… ;)

Ya know what I don’t like?

I don’t like strange toppings on my pizza or blueberries in my muffins.
I don’t like scary movies or large bodies of water.
I don’t like unkindness in strangers or the heat in the summer.
& I don’t like when others think that who I vote for is something they can decide better than I can or that I’m wasting a vote if I go against the majority.

I do however, like pepperoni pizza with peppers, and of course chocolate chip muffins. (Tho not together)
I like comedies and the mountains.
Kindness in strangers and the cold in the winter.
& I like that I have a right to my own voice and my own vote.

& one other quick thing….
“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.” -Frank Zappa.
I like that quote, for it speaks volumes. 😀

Heather. 😉