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What Will It Be?

I come seeking advice!

To curse or not to curse? Where to curse, when to curse, why to curse? What to do?

So here’s the deal. — I write novels. One of my big things is authenticity. Is it relatable? Is it raw? Is it real?

I feel like in certain situations, cursing is all of those things. There are other people who do not, however.

My novel isn’t slap full of them and they aren’t on every page. But, they are there, sprinkled about. — They are there when someone is angry. They are there when someone is passionate about something. They are there when the guys are hanging out, drinking beer, and shooting pool. — While they are not everywhere, they do crop up when it is authentic for them to be there.

So this battle is always raging, like, what do I do?

To be clear, they don’t bother me. My big thing is that I know they bother other people. Readers. Not all readers, just some.

But readers matters. To be a writer, to publish novels… you need readers. I’m also aware that every one is different. Every reader is different. And not every book is for everybody. That’s okay. It’s more than okay. That’s how this works.

I think the big question is… how true do I stay to the story and the characters, and the authenticity of the situations they are in? And how much do I altar for readers? Because some readers aren’t going to bat an eye. Some are going to take one look at the first curse word and never pick up another of my books again.

And if you want some real honesty. I’m not so sure I’d think twice about it except I have family and friends that are going to be sorely disappointed at the first curse word.

I kind of feel torn in two about it. To stay true to the characters and, to me, I will have to disappoint a certain group of readers. Some that I call family. Some that I call friend. — So I think that’s where this stems from the most.

At this point… what is already there is not being taken out. I’ve already battled through this some when I was writing it. — Now I’m editing it and near the beginning and just slipped one in after someone nearly ran their car off the side of a mountain. — Seemed appropriate given the circumstance. — But then I worried one so close to the beginning would put people off at the very beginning. — And then I wondered should I worry about that, given they will come upon them eventually? — Or how many people would see it that early on and assume they are everywhere and quit before they get very far?

So maybe a large part of this is me not knowing how to handle people I know, having problems with my work. And that’s where the majority of it stems from, I think.

I can’t please everyone, and I know that. Not everyone will like it, and I know that.

It just brings up the question, how much do you change to appease one certain group of readers… or do you not, and focus on the readers that will enjoy it as is?

I don’t intend to market this as a “clean romance.” Mostly because I don’t believe it is. While there are no graphic sex scenes, they do talk it about it, and there is some alluding to it. There are also curse words around and about, as well as alcohol consumption. So readers looking for clean romance aren’t exactly my target audience, so maybe that should be my answer? — Maybe I answered my own question. — Focus on my target audience and don’t worry about anything else?

What do y’all think? Lemme know. 🙂

Answers To Questions..

So I was asked a set of questions when I was nominated for a blogging award, which I really appreciated btw, and because I was nominated last year & have already done a post about it, I decided not to do the whole thing again, but that I’d do a post just to answer the questions that were asked of me. — Being courteous & all that good stuff! 🙂 Plus, gives me the chance to shamelessly talk about myself… 😉 — So here goes…!

1) What made you get into blogging?

That’s an easy one. I am a writer who is a little socially awkward & not very good with people. I lack a confidence in conversing & connecting with others. I am also kind of chicken about sharing my opinions & things. (mean people scare me, lol.) — I needed a way to help me break out of that. — I felt like blogging would be a step in the right direction. — I can honestly say that it has helped. — I still have a long way to go, but I’m getting there! 🙂 Slow & steady!  — I was also hoping I’d find a place where I could write & feel encouraged, which I felt would keep me encouraged to continue writing my book. — I still catch myself failing to work on it regularly, but I have gained a lot of confidence in my writing by blogging & the ever so kind bloggers I connect with. — You guys are awesome! 😀

2) What’s your favorite season?

— Winter. I love cold weather!

3) If you could describe yourself in three words, which words would you pick?

— Shy. Compassionate. Lost. — Shy because I most definitely am. Compassionate because I love people & my heart is always going out to others. & Lost, because I tend to feel like I’m getting swallowed up in the world.

4) What’s your favourite quote/saying?

— “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” -Gandhi! —

5) Nike or Adidas?

— If we are talking shoes… Nike. If we are talking apparel? I could go either way really! Lol.

6) Where would be your dream place to live?

— Somewhere cold. Lol, but to be more specific… probably somewhere there are mountains. Snow capped mountains? sign me up! Lol!

7) If you were a dictator, what laws would you make?

— Oh my! I’d be a horrible dictator! I am indecisive & super crazy caring & kind! Lol…. Can I be a dictator in a land of hippies? — Peace, Love, & Happiness… We’ll get us a national anthem going & everything! — I know, I know! I’ll pull a Donald Trump! — I will be the one in charge, but I will then hire a bunch of people to make all the decisions for me since I don’t know  anything about it! — Winning!! 😉

8) Do you have any regrets in life?

— A few, yeah. But don’t we all? I think that’s just one of those things that come with life itself.

9) Why did the chicken cross the road?

— I don’t know. But I saw one do it the other day! Not even joking… I tried to snap a picture, but by the time I pulled my phone out & got the camera up he had already made it to the other side. (I’m not making this up either! Lol!) There were three of them. One was hanging out in a yard, one was across the highway already on the other side, and one was smack dab in the middle of the road crossing over. — Lol… that chicken seemed to do it because the other chicken had done it already… Are chickens susceptible to peer pressure? I think maybe so. — So I think that’s my answer. Peer pressure made him do it! 😉

10) What’s more painful, childbirth or getting kicked in the balls?

— Well, I have yet to have children & I lack the anatomy that goes with the latter…. However… I’ve seen those t.v. shows where women give birth…. Childbirth for the win! Lol!