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To Keep Going…

Sometimes things seem too big to be accomplished. However, usually the problem is the way we are looking at what’s in front of us.

If we look at the big picture it can seem so overwhelming. That’s when we have to take a step back and look at all the little pieces that come together to make the big picture.

So what do we do when even the little piece of the puzzle looks impossible? — Mark 10:27. — We remind ourselves that it’s not impossible.

I spend a lot of time reminding myself that anything is possible. That there’s nothing to be afraid of. Nothing and no one. — That being said, I’m still a big chicken. That’s why I have to spend so much time reminding myself not to be.

You have to understand that I’m afraid of everything to understand why it gets in the way so much. I’m afraid of people, criticism (Tho aren’t we all on that one), failure, (and that one) unfamiliar territory, and on my worst days, I’m afraid I’m simply not capable of very much of anything at all. — It stops me in my tracks. I freeze wherever I’m at and if I’m lucky, I don’t panic.. lol. — Though I’m getting better, it still catches up to me. —

So while even the smallest task may seem impossible… I have to remember that it’s not & then refuse to let anything stop me.

So while everything seems a little too big right now, I’m going work on my book anyway. Usually I would stop. If I’m being honest I’d wait weeks or months to even pick it back up again. — When I started this blog I said I wouldn’t do that anymore. That I wouldn’t let anything stop me. So I won’t. — I’m just going to keep telling myself that it’s not impossible and force myself to keep going.

So as I end this post, just know that I am going to be working as soon as I’m finished here. — It may seem to me like I can’t do this right now that it’s too overwhelming, but if I keep stopping because of that then I won’t ever accomplish what I’ve set out to do… and in the end, I find that far worse than just being afraid to keep going.


A Pep Talk

4 A.M. & I can’t sleep. — I feel like writing.. but I also feel too overwhelmed to do so.

I read a lot. To be honest, some days I read more than I write. I pick up a book and refuse to put it down until I’m finished with it. Laundry goes unfolded, dishes go unwashed, and the house certainly doesn’t dust itself (Not to mention I don’t get much writing accomplished) … but I certainly enjoy every moment that I’m engrossed in a good book. — Sometimes I read one & think it’s a masterpiece. Sometimes I read one & think it’s pretty good or at least okay. Then there are those times that I read one & think, good heavens.. who published this & why? — Then I turn around & feel bad for thinking that, especially because I know someone worked hard on it, whether it’s my cup of tea or not… it means the world to someone else. —

The thing is, the rest of the world isn’t necessarily like me. They may not stop to think, wait a minute, someone put a lot of heart & effort into this and that means something. — & those are the people who scare me. — I completely understand that I will not like some of the things I read. Everyone is different.

Sometimes in the middle of life I just like to stop, pick up a simple, clean, happy-ending romance novel & take a break for a while. However, I know before I pick one out what I don’t want in it. I don’t want characters lusting after each other on page 5 & erotica on page 10. So I purposely don’t pick those, because I know I will be disappointed in it. — That’s not to say the author can’t write or that they don’t tell a good story… just that it wasn’t written for me. I keep that in mind any time I read a book. I remind myself that if I didn’t like it, then it wasn’t the book for me. That maybe the author’s style wasn’t the right one for me. I try not to be overly harsh on an author’s work when I know it most likely wasn’t my thing to begin with.

There is always a target audience. There is always someone who is going to love what someone else doesn’t. — I think on days like today, I forget that. I think about the people who aren’t like me & I’m afraid. I’m afraid that I will put my heart & soul into something so very important to me and that the world will think… good heavens, who published this & why?

My last post was about critics. It started from thinking of those belittling the talent & ability of an individual in the beginning of their career. — Today what I’m afraid of are the people waiting to tear you apart once you make it. The ones who read your work & have little compassion for what it took to write it.

Before I started taking  my writing seriously a couple of years ago, I had no problem complaining about someone else’s. However now that I know what it’s like… I always catch myself refusing to judge too harshly. — It’s amazing what taking a walk in another’s shoes will help you to see! — I guess I just need to remember that there is a target audience out there for me & my writing. I’m going to hit the nail on the head & I’m going to make it in this world. If for no other reason than sheer willpower alone, I’ll make it. (Well, that & God of course.. ) — & Once I do make it, the right people will enjoy it.

— It’s nearly 5 A.M. now. I don’t feel quite as overwhelmed as I did before. I think maybe I just needed to sit down & have this little heart to heart with myself. — Good thing it worked. 🙂