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My Commas

This is like a public service announcement of sorts.

I am the queen of comma abuse. Sometimes I just throw commas in wherever. Please forgive every one of them that you stumble upon as you read my blog posts. I promise I don’t do it on purpose. Commas are my weakness. I have this bad habit of typing out the words just as I think them (with no revisions what-so-ever) and throwing in commas everywhere I pause in my thoughts. (Including where they don’t belong.)

My old English teachers used to have a blast with their red pens & my papers, Lol.


f it’s one of those things that just drives you crazy, I’m sorry. I do fix some of them when I notice or when I read back through. However, there are usually so many that I still miss a good bit. On the bright side that is most definitely my worst grammar issue. So other than commas where they don’t belong, I don’t think I am driving you guys too crazy.

Oh, and I do that thing with the dots a lot. Again, I’m writing it just like I’m thinking it. I throw those dots in like I throw commas in. So you’ll have to excuse those too. — If I go back and take them out afterwards I feel like I’ve changed the entire dynamic of what I’ve written. It just doesn’t feel right even if it’s grammatically incorrect.

So forgive me for my misplaced commas & little lines of dots where they shouldn’t be. It’s a bad habit, lol.

-Heather! 🙂