A Glimpse Into What Comes Next…

I did a little writing, did a little reading, did a little exercising, did a little watching TV…. You get the gist. It’s been a regular ol day around here.

I can’t say as I have much to blog about. I’m not feeling the least bit inspired. Nothing is coming to me. Nothing at all.

I did get some really good stuff written today though. Which I always feel like is more important. I like blogging, and it’s good fun. I enjoy interacting with everyone out in the world. But my heart is with the characters I’ve created, in the world I’ve built, with the stories I’m telling. So when it comes to pouring my energy into something, if I stumble around here a bit, it’s not the end of the world, so long as I’m still standing upright when I flip my laptop open to work on the current manuscripts.

Also. Random piece of info you may or may not care about… I have a plan that spans a lot of books and a lot of years. Ya girl is going hard! 😘 Anyway, this first series I’m working on, my Sweetgum Valley Series, will have 12 or so books. After that, well I’ve already been tossing around an idea for the next series that will come after it. Sweetgum Valley is a fictional town set in the North Ga Mountains. When I was ruminating on where I’d go next, I thought, I think I’ll stick closer to home next time with a fictional coastal town, set along Georgia’s coast. We have a ways to go before getting there, but it’s in the back of my mind, and someday we’ll see it come to life!

Heather. ❤️

2 thoughts on “A Glimpse Into What Comes Next…

  1. Darius Marley

    Writing a 12-book series is a terrific goal, especially since you plan to let it happen over the next few years. A new fantasy/sci-fi that I’m currently plotting is quickly ballooning into a series, and I thought I was nuts for even considering that route. Nice to know I’m not alone!

    1. Heather Threatte Post author

      Haha, yeah. There are moments where I think continuity will be the death of me some day. 😂 It’s bad enough with just one book sometimes. Making sure everything I said in previous books lines up correctly throughout a whole series is a chore. One I hope will pay off! — I like a good sci-fi series every now & again! — I’m rooting for ya over here! 👍😊

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