All For The Love Of Tinkerbell…

I decided to give Disney+ a try.

I have since watched Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, The Little Mermaid II, Zenon, and several epiosdes of Kim Possible. 😂

It’s literally like my childhood come to life… and I don’t necessarily hate it.

I gave it a try because I wanted to watch Tinkerbell. Now I don’t know if y’all know this about me, but I love animated movies. I found the Tinkerbell movies several years ago, and haven’t seen them in a while. (I don’t have kids yet, this is just a Heather thing. 😘) Anyway, I looked into buying it and balked at spending $15 for the one, then realized they’re on Disney+ and I haven’t tried it yet. So I figured, why not? — And here we are!

Oooo! And I didn’t realize National Geographic was on there until I signed up. I love documentaries! So that’s nice. May give some of those a watch, too.

Don’t know how long I’ll keep it. Could be a long time, or not, I don’t know. I already have Hulu and Amazon Prime, too. So plenty of options even without it. We shall see, though!

Until next time, Heather! ❤️

(I’ll just be over here watching TV… 😉)

3 thoughts on “All For The Love Of Tinkerbell…

    1. Heather Threatte Post author

      I was avoiding it, too! Then I went & done it… Lol, and now I’m typing while sitting in front of the TV watching Star Wars. — It’s so dangerous! 😂 I signed up for it like two nights ago, at nearly midnight, which was a horrible idea, because I stayed up to watch a whole movie after that. Haha, so proceed with caution. Or better yet, willpower, which I clearly have none of! 😂 — It’s nice to have, though! It’s so nostalgic. 😊

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