I Made This Bed, Now I Must Lie In It…

Good Afternoon, Ladies & Gents. (Don’t ask. I don’t know. I’m weird.)

I committed to writing a blog post a day in 2020, and I’m suddenly realizing I have no idea what I’m going to talk about day in and day out. That’s 365 days worth of me chattering on about something or other. Brilliant idea, Heather. Brilliant idea.

Ya know, when I finally committed to writing books, giving it a real go, I had no idea what actually lay ahead of me. Once upon a time, long, long ago, I thought writing would be the hard part. (Can you hear me laughing from over here?) Little did I know, until I’d finished writing the first one, that the writing was the easy part.

What came next was the daunting realization that I’d only just scratched the surface. I had an 85,000 word, roughly 320 page novel, that I had to do something with. And not just do something, but a lot of somethings. Editing. (Which, really is never ending.) Formatting. Networking. Marketing. Book covers. Learning how to use a multitude of new computer programs. Managing a website and social media accounts across various platforms. Self-publishing. Copyright. More writing in between all this. Newsletters and mailing lists. Finding beta readers for feedback. The horror that is waiting on that feedback. Blogging. Maintaining the connections I’ve already made, as well as making new ones. And even with everything I just mentioned, guarantee you I forgot some stuff. There’s more, I’m sure. Not to mention, I’m still unpublished at the moment, which will open up a whole new world of things once I’ve reached that step.

I tell my husband sometimes, usually when I come up against something I don’t want to deal with, I’m like, can I just quit already? — He always says no. You’ll get it. You can do it. — Personally, I think he’s a perpetual optimist when it’s other people, and the next time his boss asks him to make a public speech at a company party, I’m going to say, Oh baby, you’ve got this. You can do it. (I mean I say that anyway, but I’m going to relish it a little more now. 😉 )

But since I can’t quit, and really I don’t want to, I’m going to keep on keeping on.

Which just means you’re going to continue to get a blog a day. And a bunch of books, too.

Much Love,

6 thoughts on “I Made This Bed, Now I Must Lie In It…

  1. gigglingfattie

    Ooo dang a post a day is daunting! Hot mess memoirs has a link to a book that gives 400 prompts if you needed the help! She got it for Christmas and the first prompt was a pretty decent one!

  2. Heather Threatte Post author

    Yeah, it is! — & Thanks for the info! I really appreciate it. I’ll have to check that out. I’m likely to hit a wall at some point. Lol, I can see it now.

  3. Darius Marley

    I had the same problem last year, until I figured out a solution: I simply delete my old posts! With only a couple of week’s worth of old posts on my blog at any given time, it’s easy to just write freely without worrying about being repetitive or whatever. In fact, I just wiped all of my content out at the beginning of this year, and now my blog is starting over, fresh.

    1. Heather Threatte Post author

      Now there’s an idea I never considered! Just the other day I was like, I think I wrote about this already. Lol. Thanks for the idea! I may just have to do that. I’ve had this blog for 5 years now, I know there’s got to be repetitive content everywhere at this point. & It’s doubtful anyone is going to go back that far & read all those posts anyway! 😂.

      1. Darius Marley

        WordPress has an archiving function (most likely for those who decide to migrate their blogs to self-hosted sites) and that’s one way for you to save your old stuff, in case you have any doubts. I felt extremely liberated once I began deleting old posts. I mean if Snapchat can do it, then why can’t I? Haha

      2. Heather Threatte Post author

        Thanks for the info! That was the only thing, while some I won’t care about deleting, I’m sure there are a few I’d want to hold on to. Sounds like a darn good solution tho! Thank you! 😊

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