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It’s Been One of Those Days…

Ever have one of those days where you don’t do much of anything but you find that you enjoyed yourself immensely? — I like those. I had one today.

My day summed up:

— I  binge watched 6 episodes of Longmire (Finished season 3 & now I am not-so-patiently waiting for September 10th.) —

— I watched the latest episode of Food Fighters. —

— I then watched documentaries on human trafficking & an inside look into the ugly side of amateur porn. (Both of which had some jaw dropping… did I just hear & or see that correctly moments. — Wowzers.) (Oh & apparently there are still pimps out there that dress like they would have in the 70s!! — I was like whaaattt, noo waayy! — But yes, yes way… it is true. —

—— Oh & one other thing.. should you choose to watch the Netflix documentary Hot Girls Wanted.. maybe don’t make the mistake I did & half way through decide it’s a good idea to grab a little snack from the kitchen. — There are some pretty disturbing things, that, if they don’t sadden you, they may just make you feel pretty sick to your stomach. — & I happened to be in mid-cheez-it bite at just one of those particular moments. — Not cool. — (Tho a fair warning: there is a little nudity here & there throughout the film… But I mean, come on, it’s Netflix & a porn documentary. (imdb parents guide is my go-to place when I’m uncertain about violence in movies. — Haha, don’t judge me for being a giant chicken. — you could check it out if you’re thinking about watching it but you’re worried about it. Or read some of the online reviews, either way.) But it’s definitely a sad reality.  – If you are someone who thinks there is absolutely nothing wrong with the porn industry…. I would recommend it. — It’s a disturbing reality for those girls.

Anyhow… that was my day! It literally consisted of a whole lot of television. — In between all of this I made lunch & supper. Showered, spent some quality time with my husband & my dog, thought about doing some laundry & decided against it… Lol. I made a day of it.  —

Good Times. 🙂
& a day well spent! 🙂

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