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No Thanks, I’ll Pass…

I think I’m in shock.

I learned something new today.

If a man lusts after a woman… it is probably in some way her fault. Who knew? How could I have possibly gone my whole life not realizing that I may have caused the demise of so many.

Apparently, I, as a woman, should always dress in a way that is unflattering, so as not to attract the attention of any male. No dancing allowed; it may entice them… which would be defrauding? Well…. I certainly wouldn’t want to do that. — I mean I could very well be the downfall of men everywhere. It has come to my attention that I am responsible for what men think when they look at me. If they have any impure thoughts… it’s my bad. Apparently, I can act in a way or dress in a way that causes them to stumble, and instead of, oh … I don’t know, some self-control on their part, I am the responsible party.

In fact, I was having a conversation with someone about this topic & one of the things they said was this: Yeah, everyone has their own self-control. But it’s like putting a hot warm brownie in front of someone on a diet… they’re going to have a hard time not thinking about it.”

Well first, brownies are definitely delicious. Second, I am not a brownie being paraded around in front of someone on a diet. I am a married, Christian woman who dresses pretty modestly. I’m not trying to get men to lust after me. Whether I wear sweat pants, blue jeans, shorts, or dresses… I’m not the one responsible for how men react to me. I can’t control that. It’s crazy to think I can. — & I despise that anyone would try to put that burden on me or the idea that I should be unattractive at all times to do my part.

It makes me think of how some people suggest that what a woman wears is responsible for a rapists actions. That’s absurd. It’s also absurd to place the blame of a man’s lust on a woman. — (Unless the goal was to deliberately catch his attention, that’s a little different.) It’s completely another to suggest that I have to take responsibility for someone else’s thoughts. — It’s ludicrous.

It is not my responsibility to dress in an unflattering way or to not dance or enjoy life because a man may look at me inappropriately. I won’t accept that. — and I can’t believe that people do. I am a Christian, I read my Bible, I love God. But some of the insanity that comes with what some people believe… I can’t handle… & this is one of those things.

So, needless to say… I’m going to have to disagree with this & say that a man is responsible for his own thoughts and actions. — Lol, just my two cents. 🙂

Anyhow, hope I didn’t offend anyone. 🙂

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