Another Random Update…

I’m alive. — Just in case you thought maybe I wasn’t. — I haven’t been here in a little while. Shame on me, I know, Lol.

I wonder how it’s possible that I can love writing so much, yet somehow write so very little at times. I think I’m just going to blame it on a lazy streak. — I think I like that option the best. (I’m going to pretend like it has nothing to do with losing focus & lacking drive, 🙂 )

One thing is for sure though…. I so missed this!! I didn’t even know it until I started typing a few minutes ago. Anything new going on you ask? Lol, well let’s see.

– Life is pretty much the same.

– I am still slowly working on my novel, if you could even really call it that at the moment. Lol ( it’s a couple of chapters, a bunch of notes, the beginnings of a town laid out, & a Naval base that is still in the stages of … well, not created yet. Haha… but its going places, that is to be sure.)

– I am in the double digits on Candy Crush…. the game I swore to myself I would never play. (Somebody ate her words didn’t she? & then became addicted to it no less.) Shame on me again, I know.

– I still have an old version of YouTube on my tablet (you know from ages ago back when you didn’t have to watch ads before every video, lol) that I have not been forced to update yet. 🙂 ) I’m terrified one day I’m going to pop on there &  see that somehow I accidentally turned on “update automatically when on wi-fi” & it will be lost to me forever. — Such a terrible loss should the day ever come. — So that, I’m grateful to report… has not changed. 🙂

– I did have a dental cleaning this month…. no cavities or anything, I’m all good. (Though we are most definitely not going to talk about how I need to have my wisdom teeth taken out in the near future. I am refusing to deal with that particular development. — Wisdom teeth? What are those? Never heard of them.

– As usual, I have many books to be read or that I am currently reading. No change there.

– I did get my hair cut last month. But really all I did was get it trimmed…. so it looks exactly the same. Lol.

Okay, so apparently other than my Candy Crush endeavors… nothing has really changed. Same ol’ things, same ol’ Heather. But that’s okay. The world changes so rapidly that it’s nice when things stay the same sometimes.

Anyhow, I just thought I’d say hi & update you guys a little. 🙂 Also, I do believe I will stick around for a while & not pull the disappearing act again. 🙂

Til’ Later,

2 thoughts on “Another Random Update…

  1. Arlene

    I play Candy Crush too. I am stuck right now on a level it is a difficult one with bombs and chocolate both of which I hate. by themselves they are hard but then they go and stick them togoether on the same level, Uggh!
    And wisdom teeth can be a problem for most people. I was one of the few lucky ones as my jaw had plenty of room for them. I didn’t know they even were there until the dentist told me. And they all came up straight except one on the bottom came up at an angle, but it caused no problems. I guess you could say I am a big mouth . lol

    1. hmthreatte Post author

      I am totally addicted to Candy Crush. I’m on level 150-something and slowly making my way through. Lol. & I despise those little bombs. They have caused me a lot of losses… especially when mixed with other obstacles.

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