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Motive Matters…

I will complete my first book. I will write more. I may write all sorts of things in the future that I have no idea about right this moment. Who knows? My husband and I have future plans for starting up an organization to help the less fortunate, homeless, and other people who are down on their luck. (That will probably be a while tho… but we’ll get there.) We want to adopt children at some point & maybe even have a pretty big family someday. (Something I once said I’d never have, lol.) — I have goals. They are there & they are real.

Sometimes there is a small part of me that is just itching to reach them all so that I can say to every person that doubted me, —- Ha! You thought I wasn’t going to make anything of myself or my life. In your face! You thought you knew better than me about what I should be doing? Ha! I love to write & I want to spend my life helping others… but that wasn’t ideal so it wasn’t “living in the real world.” In. Your. Face. You were wrong! — (Okay, so that’s not very mature of me, lol. but that doesn’t mean I haven’t thought about it a time or two.)

The thing is… I can’t let that be the basis for what I do or how I go about doing it. I’ve noticed that it overshadows my desire for the things I love. — Interesting, yeah? lol.) — If I spend my time focusing on proving people wrong, I lose focus on all of the things I want to do for myself & others. When I let all the hurt & anger rise up I lose sight of all the good I want to be a part of. I put too much pressure on myself & I start wanting it all for the wrong reasons.

I felt that way today. I wanted to accomplish everything for all the wrong reasons simply because my feelings were hurt again.

Luckily, I remembered who I am. 🙂  — I thought about my future, what I want, what I can do, who I can be, and the love & kindness that I can share. I thought about how much I love writing, books, & reading. I thought about what our family could be like someday. I thought about all the people who need help that I could be a part of helping. I thought about all the positive things & remembered that I’m not doing any of it to prove anyone wrong or throw it someone’s face.. — I’m doing it all out of passion, love, & kindness. — Lol, the complete opposite of what I was feeling earlier today!

Anyhow, guess that’s why we should never let the negative overpower the positive.
Heather! 🙂

One thought on “Motive Matters…

  1. That’s wonderful. I’ve thought that too. Prove them wrong. No. You need to do it for yourself first. You will only then be able to prove them wrong because it’s no longer about them.

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