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My Shopping Disaster…

Me (Indecisive person) + baby shower shopping + having no children. = total disaster! Lol. Why, you ask?

My brilliant idea. Baby wipes & diapers. Because let’s be honest… new parents are going to need tons of both. Who better to help them out with that than me, right? — Wrong. Lol.

I went to the wipes first. Looked around… and that’s when it started….
Who in the world knew there could be so many options for baby wipes?! Lol. Baby fresh, sensitive, refreshing cucumber? (Fruit, huh?! When did this happen?), one & done, green tea (& since when does that have anything to do with baby bottoms?), shea butter, all natural, hypoallergenic, Frozen characters on the package… (Haha, those were my favorite!) — I mean really, how does one decide? — Lol, I thought I’d just go over, toss a few packages in the cart & be done. — Nope.

I googled. I made several phone calls. Consulted with several experts. (Moms!) …..& then bought 5 different kinds! Lol! I could not choose. So now my sister-in-law gets to try out a bunch & see what she likes best. ๐Ÿ™‚

On to the diapers… same problem. Lol, just not quite as bad.

There were like 6 different types, 5 different brands, all sorts of sizes, and some with cutting edge technology (the little strips that tell you how wet they are, lol.) — So once again, I made phone calls, consulted with experts, googled, …and I cannot tell a lie… I watched to see which ones the other shoppers bought, Lol.

After all was said & done I had 5 different types of wipes and 2 different types of diapers, lol…. and some rash cream.

I definitely think I deserve shopper of the year award, Lol. ๐Ÿ˜€



My blog is titled "A Leap of Faith," simply because for me that is what this is. -- I am extremely shy & terrified of failure... but just like everyone else, I have big dreams. --- I have a passion for the written word, for every story told, & for getting lost in novels. Certainly not the easiest world to go out into... especially not for someone so afraid of failure that trying sometimes doesn't seem worth it. -- This blog is just one small step in the right direction! A way to push myself out into the world & stop being so afraid. -- So here's to writing about life, the aspiring writer's journey, & everything in between. Oh, & of course, my leap of faith! :) -Heather.

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