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Randoms From My Day…

1.) I’m pretty sure our dog killed a mole. By complete accident, I’m sure.  She’s a giant 90lb labrador that thinks she’s a 10lb puppy. — She likes to pounce on things all in the name of fun & doesn’t realize they may not be having as much fun as she is, lol. I can’t tell you how many of those big moths have died on our back porch by being there at just the wrong time, playtime.  Lol, there is a good chance that little mole might have actually died of fright… from what it thought was an act of terror. — Lol, love our Pepper tho!

2.)  I was lazy & rather than cook tonight… ordered pizza!  Yumm!! — Pepperoni & grilled chicken with extra cheese… Again I say, Yumm!! :))

3.) I was supposed to clean the living room up a bit… …… ….. I did not. — Shame on me, I know.

4.) But while I wasn’t cleaning 🙂 … I finally made it to the episode of The Good Wife where Will Gardner dies… ( Sorry if that was a spoiler to some, I may not be the only one who is playing catch up on Netflix, so sorry!) Anyhow, as I expected, It. Was. Sad. — But you know a show is pretty good when you feel their loss through your tv, Lol.

5.) I’m going to read a book now, which you all know I love to do! It’s been waiting on me to open it up since last week & I’m about to get my read on!

Happiness is all about being happy with what you have.  This is the life I have.  Days like today are the norm… & this life, as simple as it may be, makes me happy!  🙂

-Heather! 🙂


My blog is titled "A Leap of Faith," simply because for me that is what this is. -- I am extremely shy & terrified of failure... but just like everyone else, I have big dreams. --- I have a passion for the written word, for every story told, & for getting lost in novels. Certainly not the easiest world to go out into... especially not for someone so afraid of failure that trying sometimes doesn't seem worth it. -- This blog is just one small step in the right direction! A way to push myself out into the world & stop being so afraid. -- So here's to writing about life, the aspiring writer's journey, & everything in between. Oh, & of course, my leap of faith! :) -Heather.

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