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Not Today…

It’s days like today that I can’t, even for a moment, begin to feel sorry for myself. Any other day I can find tons of reasons to complain about something I don’t like in my life. — Not today. —

Today I saw the news story of a man, a pilot, being locked into a cage & burned alive. That makes me sick, sad, and angry. It also makes me stop to think about how good my life really is. It makes me grateful. I have a wonderful husband, family, & friends. I have a roof over my head every night, food in our home, good health, transportation, we lack for nothing… Yet I can still find tons of things to complain about every single day. — But not today. —

All too often I forget the reality of the evil that is lurking out in the world. I forget that there are people imprisoned, tortured, beaten, and slaughtered all the time. I forget all about it.  — But not today. —

Today I remember. Today I was reminded. It wasn’t fair to that man to be murdered at all, much less in such a cruel way. Eventually the world is going to forget about that story. It’s going to become old news just like all the rest. It’s going to get lost in all of the new stories. — But not today. —

Today people are talking about it. Today people are angry & upset. Today people are thanking God for all the blessings in their lives and praying for the world.

I just hope that we don’t all forget by tomorrow… because the moment we do, no matter when it is, it will be too soon.



My blog is titled "A Leap of Faith," simply because for me that is what this is. -- I am extremely shy & terrified of failure... but just like everyone else, I have big dreams. --- I have a passion for the written word, for every story told, & for getting lost in novels. Certainly not the easiest world to go out into... especially not for someone so afraid of failure that trying sometimes doesn't seem worth it. -- This blog is just one small step in the right direction! A way to push myself out into the world & stop being so afraid. -- So here's to writing about life, the aspiring writer's journey, & everything in between. Oh, & of course, my leap of faith! :) -Heather.

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