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A Book & A Phobia…

So it’s been a while since you guys have seen anything related to the book I’m writing.  Bear with me,  times get tough & I put it down far too often.  — I promise I have not given up,  lol, I will finish the book eventually. In the next could of weeks you guys will see some updates here, I promise! 🙂

Oh & the other day I found out that I have a real phobia. Trypophobia. Which is a fear (or rather very great revulsion) to an unnatural looking cluster of holes.  Lol, I thought I was just a complete weirdo.  Turns out, it’s a Phobia & has a name, lol even if it is weird. Literally, lotus seed pod things & the like,  make me physically ill to look at! — Ya learn something new everyday!  🙂

Y’all have a great night! 🙂


My blog is titled "A Leap of Faith," simply because for me that is what this is. -- I am extremely shy & terrified of failure... but just like everyone else, I have big dreams. --- I have a passion for the written word, for every story told, & for getting lost in novels. Certainly not the easiest world to go out into... especially not for someone so afraid of failure that trying sometimes doesn't seem worth it. -- This blog is just one small step in the right direction! A way to push myself out into the world & stop being so afraid. -- So here's to writing about life, the aspiring writer's journey, & everything in between. Oh, & of course, my leap of faith! :) -Heather.

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