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Change Is Happening…

When I first started blogging several months ago I  thought it would be fun because I love to write. — I had no idea that half of the fun would be connecting with other people! Lol.

I struggle to converse & socialize with people. It is one of the hardest things for me to do. So I actually dreaded that aspect of blogging. I am insanely afraid of negativity & conflict. — I have come across some here & there since starting all this. Nothing crazy though. — I am just surprised at how much I enjoy getting to know other people these days!

I’ve been scrolling around WordPress on this lovely Saturday, reading blogs, finding new bloggers, talking with people, and I just had this random thought a few minutes ago —  this is really fun! Not just writing, but connecting with people. — Never thought I’d be saying that, lol.

My blog has slowly begun to strengthen the confidence I have in myself. Lately I feel like I can handle life a little better. I am growing as a person because of blogging.

I hoped it would help me, which is why I did it. I’m amazed, because it has. A couple months or so ago I had a post about how I was seeing a little progress in myself. — Today I see more progress than I did then. — This blog is doing wonders for me.

I’m so happy! 🙂

As Always,
Heather! (:


My blog is titled "A Leap of Faith," simply because for me that is what this is. -- I am extremely shy & terrified of failure... but just like everyone else, I have big dreams. --- I have a passion for the written word, for every story told, & for getting lost in novels. Certainly not the easiest world to go out into... especially not for someone so afraid of failure that trying sometimes doesn't seem worth it. -- This blog is just one small step in the right direction! A way to push myself out into the world & stop being so afraid. -- So here's to writing about life, the aspiring writer's journey, & everything in between. Oh, & of course, my leap of faith! :) -Heather.

13 thoughts on “Change Is Happening…

  1. Blogging brings a lot of relief, doesn’t it? Socializing isn’t my strong suit either. It’s actually something I dread, and living in a place with multiple people my age who constantly want to talk and, well, socialize, gets overwhelming at times. Blogging and connecting with others in a way allows me to prepare myself for in-person conversations. I actually look forward to hanging out with others in “real life” because I know it’s just an opportunity for an experience. And whether that experience is good or bad, it will be something I’ll choose to remember and even write about later. I hope you continue with your blogging.

    What I love most about WordPress is the opportunity to connect with people from all walks of life in aways other forms of social media do not. Particularly, I’d like to talk with people from other parts of the world. There have been plenty of opportunities for this.

    Best wishes, and thanks for the visit and follow!

    1. You sound just like me, lol. I am not good at socializing; I never have been. But you’re right, blogging is such a relief & helps tremendously. — & I will definitely be keeping up with your blog, I really like what I’ve seen! 🙂

  2. We are with you!!! We all are part of the same league. It’s an interesting place to hangout. WordPress!!! Blogging does bring the change. And enjoy the change!

    All the best!!!

  3. The social aspect of blogging was really scary to me in the beginning. I was worried that people wouldn’t understand my tone when I posted comments or posts. One of my favorite things about blogging is how I’ve overcome some of my fear of criticism.I’m really glad that you’ve found a comfort zone here. That’s why we blog, right?

    xx Amanda

    1. That was one of my biggest fears as well. It took me a few months before I even started interacting with other bloggers. — But I’m certainly glad I did, it has helped me out so much. 🙂

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