It’s Just Not Possible…

If such a thing were possible… I’d swear I read too much! — But anyone with a love for reading knows better than that… there is no such thing as reading too much.

I go through these phases where I do one of two things, I either write all the time or read all the time. — Lately I’ve barely written a thing, except the occasional idea I jot down or grocery lists, lol. Which of course means I’ve been reading books like a mad woman!

I can’t count the exact number, but I can recall the characters & the stories. I can’t keep track of the time that has gone by, but I can remember how amazing it was to get lost in another world. I can’t figure up just how much money I’ve spent, but I know exactly how much happiness I’ve found. — Crazy isn’t it, that something so small can do such big things! πŸ™‚

Which is pretty much why I haven’t blogged in what has to be weeks. I’ve spent most of my spare time reading. I literally just finished a book & started on another one when I realized, wait a minute… It’s been a while since I’ve bothered to write a word. What I have desired the most lately has been to read, read and read some more! πŸ™‚ So I thought I’d take a minute to do a little writing.

I tell you what though, if someone said to me tomorrow that I could never read another book for as long as I live… Quiet, sweet, shy, & terribly passive Heather would most certainly show out, Lol! It’s in there, deep down inside of me. — The ability to show out, though it is a rare thing, the world would see it should anyone ever try to take books away from me.

I don’t know how people don’t love it. Nothing compares to it. It is it’s own magical thing… getting lost in the heart of books. I can’t fathom a world without them. One thing I do know though, is that I am so very grateful that I was blessed with a love for reading & writing!

So I say you should all go read a book… live a little, waste a little time, enjoy yourself, & be happy! πŸ™‚

As Always,

4 thoughts on “It’s Just Not Possible…

  1. The Dysfunctional Writer

    My greatest regret that I have about the fact that I will one day die is that there will come a point when I can no longer read. There’s just not enough time in a lifetime to read all the books I’d like to read. Lol

    1. hmthreatte Post author

      I have never thought about it like that… lol, how very disappointing that is. — You’re so right though, there’s just not enough time to read it all. — Lol but at least we can read book after book until then! πŸ™‚

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