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What You Don’t Know About Me…

It’s amazing how quickly people will decide they know something about you. It drives me crazy sometimes. Some people are not open books, myself included. In that case, there may be a lot people can’t see when they look at you. —

I write, which up until a few months ago nobody really knew about me. I don’t talk much, but not because I have nothing to say… it’s because I get really nervous and can’t seem to get the right words out. Most of the time I seem like I have no ambition & very few goals, which is not the case. — I have a lot of things I want to do.. big things, I just have to get out of my comfort zone to do them, and I’m not ready yet (but I’m getting there.) — I spent my entire childhood not wanting children, when in fact, as I got older I realized I do… I want to adopt. — I want to spend my life helping others. — I don’t want to look back & regret a moment where I didn’t lend someone the helping hand they needed. — I want to live in a way that when people look at my life they see Jesus Christ. —

I’m just not an open book about it. Not yet anyway. I’m getting my voice. I’m learning to be me out in the open. It’s just taking time. I’m growing as a person and I see a little bit of progress everyday. (& I like it!)

Looking at my life from a distance, people aren’t going to see these things. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t there. That doesn’t mean I’m not a complex individual with a lot to offer the world. — It just means that people have to get a closer look at me before they decide they have me all figured out.

So to everyone that reads this… maybe get to know your family, friends, or neighbors a little better. See if there is something really great about them that maybe you never knew about before. Most likely, there is. We’re all amazing people! 🙂

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