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The Spark of a New Idea..

This post pretty much consists of “talking out” a new idea. — It just occurred to me that maybe I could write about something I know a whole lot about. It has never crossed my mind, until this very moment, that I could write about this. I have an understanding of something that a whole world of people don’t really get. The thing is, there are still a lot of people out there that can relate & maybe they even feel the same way, like nobody really understands them. — I struggle with social anxiety & being painfully shy.

Now I know that may sound like something very small. Thing is, it controls my entire life, every decision I’ve made has been run through the anxiety filter & altered as a result of it. — I look at the world from that perspective. Which by the way, isn’t how most people look at it. — So what if I also wrote a book from the point of view of just such a person. Someone who views the world like I do. Someone who lives life like I do. — What would it feel like for someone kind of like me to read a book & think, yep, this I completely get.

So I’m throwing around the idea of a fiction story about just that. Taken from the point of view of a completely socially inept person that struggles, tries, and fails in a world they can barely navigate through. Someone that wants nothing more than to fit in in this world, but can’t find their place because they don’t know how to. — I live it. So there’s no way I could write it and not pour heart & soul into the very words on the pages. —

I don’t know how many folks would read it, but if their are people like me that can connect with it… how awesome would that be? 🙂


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