Take A Look Around..

Does anyone else ever feel like the weight of the world has found a permanent home on their shoulders? — Sadly enough, I know life seems that way to me lately. 


I feel like a swimmer that gets pulled under… and every time I get my head back up above the water, I get pulled right back under. 


I’m just so sick of it. Some days I feel like not another soul on earth understands… and then some days I know better than that. I feel like everyone gets so caught up in their own lives that they miss the significance of what goes on around them. — & I’m guilty of doing the same. We all are at times. 


We don’t always understand the struggles of another. Especially if we’ve never been there ourselves. So tonight I’m asking everyone to take a good look around them. Just look closely at your family, friend, or neighbor… ask them how they are. See if there’s anything you can do for them. Reach out, they may need it. — If they don’t, then that’s great. If they do… then you’ll be glad you did. 🙂