This Is To Thank You.

So last week I got to thinking that I would try to write a new blog post every day. Usually it’s about once a week, sometimes twice. So this post is a little update & a Thank you.


Am I happy? Yes. — How’s my book coming along? Good, I haven’t worked on it at all today.. but I’ve accomplished a lot with it this week. 🙂  — What am I doing? Lounging around scrolling through WordPress and reading other people’s posts.(They’re good btw. 🙂  — How was my day? Great! How was yours? — What am I doing this weekend? Going to a wedding shower on Saturday & the movies on Sunday. — And I am feeling very, very lazy right now,. 🙂


So now I’m going to write y’all a little thank you letter! — So here goes… 

Thank-You! I started this blog, and in doing so, I did something that was very scary for me. I had to step out on a ledge, so to speak, and trust that I would not fall. I had to write, I had to share, and I had to trust. — It was easier for me to share with strangers, transitioning over to people that knew me was a lot harder, but I did eventually share this with everyone.–

I say thanks because when I took a leap of faith, you guys helped to strengthen it. 🙂 

If you’ve read this blog, if you’ve liked it, followed it, or kept up with it… then you have done a very big thing for me. You have made a difference. You’ve lent a helping hand even if you didn’t realize it. Even if you read it and thought, my goodness, I don’t like this… that’s cool too. You still read it and that still means something to me. 🙂 

I appreciate all of you. I appreciate that you spent your time with something I wrote and crafted with the one talent I hold dear to my heart. 

So just know that when you read anything I write here on this blog or in any of my other work in the future… it is very much appreciated. Even if I don’t know you personally, if I never know that you read it…. I still thank you. I thank you and I want you to know that it means so very much to me. So once again, Thank – You! 🙂