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My Little Hurdle

To my surprise, it turns out that I really like writing about my main guy character, Sam. It’s a little bit harder to do. I won’t lie, I have to think outside the box sometimes when I’m trying to, “think like a man.” Naturally it comes easier to me with writing about his wife, Lacy. — Right now, he is deployed though. Which is proving to be the most challenging thing about this book.

I have tons and tons of pictures from Afghanistan, I have video footage, I have descriptions, I’ve seen shows on t.v. that depict what it’s like. But my goodness, it is definitely proving to be my biggest hurdle. — It’s so easy to write about what I know all about because I’ve experienced it. But war, Afghanistan, all that sand? Lol, I’m pretty sure my sandbox as a child doesn’t count! —

I really love His character. I see so much for him. I mean really, Sam is going places, I’m excited. I will just be so happy once I get passed these first few chapters of his deployed status. — I’ve thought about taking it out. It would make my life a little easier. It’s just, I can’t. I need readers to see who he is when he is deployed. It’s important. — That’s why I’m so glad I have my husband reading over my shoulder sometimes.. 🙂 — He’s such a huge blessing in all of this, y’all just don’t know. — If I had ended up having to hassle someone else for information, help me’s, and will you look at this again’s?” they would probably have gone insane.

Really this post is me babbling on and on because I’m trying to take a break from thinking about Sam’s current deployment. Sometimes I tackle it and make a little headway, and sometimes I just feel like I’m beating my head against a brick wall, lol, getting nowhere.

So I think I’ll go get a You-Hoo & see if that helps me think a little better.. 🙂 Who am I kidding? I just want a Yoo-Hoo.


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