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Genres & Things

So I figured it’s time to tell you guys a little more about what I’m currently working on. I realize that I come here a good bit and I’m pretty evasive about the writing I’m doing. In part, that is because as I am writing it sometimes changes along the way. I don’t want to say too much because I’m never 100 percent certain where each new page is going to take me.

Since I’ve started this particular story it has changed numerous times. — The battle has been about the genre. I have this bad habit of wanting to please everyone. However, simply put, that is not possible. I had to ask myself.. at the end of the story, once it’s been written & told, who do I want to make happy? — This battle has raged on for the last 2 years. Do I want to write Christian Fiction or do I not? — & Everytime it all comes back to the same thing.

When I was in school we were once tasked with writing a story. I was young, probably 15 or so, but even then when I was told that my assignment was to write a story… I was excited. I wrote a little story about an alcoholic mother with two little boys. She went through her ups and downs. She made promises she broke. The moment her life changed it was when she met two strangers in a hospital chapel. Each stranger had a different story, but those stories showed her a lot about herself. She made herself a promise that day in the chapel. The story ended with the promise she made. Did she keep her promise? … I don’t know, that’s where the story ended. I like to believe in happy endings… So in my mind, yes.

I was young.. I had all the knowledge of a teenager, but I was proud of that story. I thought I did good. My lit teacher told me that it was good writing, but too predictable. It wouldn’t make it in the writing world. — Ever since that moment I’ve felt like the world isn’t going to like my happy endings. My simplicity, my faith, or my stories.

— The book I am currently working on is about a Navy Hospital Corpsman (he was a Marine, that changed recently.) and his wife. They have a little bit of a struggling marriage, (I can’t tell you why, that’s a secret until you read it.. 🙂 ) He doesn’t have PTSD… but there is a little something that has recently changed him (Won’t give that one away either, 🙂 ). He’s really trying to find himself again, trying to find some ground to stand on that’s not shaky. I know somewhere in this story God will tie it altogether, I’m so not telling how that happens right now either… (partly because I’m still working on that one.) There’s a good bit going on for these two characters. — I feel like I’ve thrown some stuff in that’s going to make it not quite so predictable. My husband thinks so… that’s a good sign, right? Lol. —

It has some romance, some action, some drama, a little mystery, and some faith. It can be anything I want it to be, that’s the beauty of it. But there is one thing it has to be… and that is faith-based. Why? because God belongs there. Even when I was 15.. It took a tiny a little chapel, some strangers, and a whole lot of faith to save my characters. — Now I’m 23.. but it still takes the same faith to save my characters. — That’ll never change.

-hmthreatte. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Genres & Things

  1. Faith based hmm I like it 🙂 no love it 😀 that’s actually the way I view things now…. God Belongs there…. Keep at it… I’m writing myself my memoir first and it took a wholllle lot of Faith to save me…. Keep at it!!!

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